Spring 2013 Town Meeting concludes

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Amherst's Spring 2013 Town Meeting concluded after its ninth session on Monday, June 10, extending beyond its customary 10PM deadline to consider four final petition articles, wrapping up close to 11PM.

The final session produced three tally votes on zoning articles. Bucking the trend of recent years, the Spring Town Meeting finished up with a total of ten tally votes, the most since the 20 tally votes in the spring of 2007.

The database at tallyvotes.org has been updated with the tally vote results, along with attendance records for all nine sessions of the Spring Town Meeting. Click the links below to see the results from each of the tally votes, or use the "Go to the database" button at the top of the page to access the full database search screen.

5/15/13 - Article 26 - Appropriate $30K for Town-Gown planning study
        (Passed - 122 YES, 46 NO)

5/20/13 - Article 29 - Substitute petition article paragraphs into rental regulations
        (Failed - 74 YES, 116 NO)

5/22/13 - Article 36 - Rezone property on Main St from R-G to B-N
        (Passed - 120 YES, 55 NO)

5/29/13 - Article 42 - Acquire Echo Village property - motion to refer
        (Passed - 95 YES, 93 NO)

6/3/13 - Article 43 - Acquire Cushman property - motion to dismiss
        (Passed - 98 YES, 90 NO)

6/3/13 - Article 31 - Change standards and conditions for mixed-use buildings - motion to refer
        (Failed - 82 YES, 94 NO)

6/3/13 - Article 31 - Change standards and conditions for mixed-use buildings
        (Passed - 119 YES, 56 NO)

6/10/13 - Article 32 - Change dimensional regulations for COM and B-L districts
        (Failed - 110 YES, 67 NO)

6/10/13 - Article 32 - Change dimensional regulations for B-VC and B-G districts
        (Passed - 121 YES, 53 NO)

6/10/13 - Article 35 - Create form-based dimensional regulations for non-conforming lots
        (Passed - 107 YES, 49 NO)

All Spring 2013 tally vote results

The nine sessions of this spring's Town Meeting was longer than seen in recent years, but not as long as the stretch from 2005 through 2008, which saw spring Town Meetings over ten nights long every year.

Overall attendance was 75.4%, down slightly from the record high in 2012, but still higher than the recent average of 72.4%.

Attendance varied from a high of 83.3% on the first night to a low of 69.7% on May 15.

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