Tally votes from 6/22 and 6/23 posted

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As Town Meeting moves toward its conclusion this week, it has continued its recent trend of generating one tally vote per night.

The session on Monday, June 22 dealt primarily with school budgets.  During the consideration of the budget for the elementary schools, there were two proposed amendments - one by Vince O'Connor to raise the appropriation by $400K, and one by Michael Greenebaum to reduce the appropriation by $1K.  The rules of Town Meeting require voting on dollar amounts to proceed from the largest amount to the smallest, so the first vote was on the O'Connor amendment, which failed in a standing vote.  The next vote, on the original Finance Committee amount, went to a tally vote, and passed by a vote of 116 YES, 45 NO.

In Tuesday's meeting, the primary subjects of consideration were the capital budgets.  Article 27, the capital budget for Buildings and Facilities, brought forth two amendments, one by Library Trustee Pat Holland to reduce the appropriation by $34,704, and one by Jim Oldham to reduce the appropriation by $80K.  Again, the votes proceed from largest to smallest, and so the first vote was on the original amount recommended by the Joint Capital Planning Committee.  This went to a tally vote, and passed by a vote of 82 YES, 56 NO.

Tally vote results from both of these votes, along with attendance records for these two meetings, are now available in the tallyvotes.org database.

Elementary school budget - Tally Vote Results

Capital for Buildings and Facilities - Tally Vote Results

All Spring 2009 Tally Vote Results

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