Tally votes from 6/15 and 6/17 posted

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Last week's Town Meeting sessions on Monday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 17 generated one tally vote in each session.

In Monday's meeting, Select Board member Gerry Weiss moved to consider the Community Services budget as the first item of business under Article 22, ahead of the Public Safety budget.  The vote went to a tally vote, and the motion failed by a vote of 72 YES, 99 NO.

In Wednesday's meeting, when the Community Services budget was considered, there were six amendments to the appropriation, five seeking to increase it, and one seeking to decrease it.  The motion by Town Meeting Member Carol Gray to increase the appropriation by $24,000 went to a tally vote, and was defeated by a vote of 50 YES, 98 NO.

Tally vote results from both these votes, along with attendance records from these two meetings, is now available in the tallyvotes.org database.

Weiss motion to change order of consideration - Tally Vote Results

Gray motion to increase Community Services appropriation - Tally Vote Results

All Spring 2009 Tally Vote Results

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