Annual Town Meeting concludes, with final tally vote

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Amherst's 2009 Annual Town Meeting wrapped up on Wednesday, June 24, and true to recent form, the final night generated one tally vote.

The budget for the libraries was again front and center, returning to Article 22 for approval of the budget.  The Finance Committee proposed a budget of $2,093,584.  Facing the risk of decertification from the state if the budget wasn't funded at a sufficient level, the Library Trustees proposed an amendment to increase the appropriation by $34,704, the amount that would be required to guarantee certification and avoid the process of applying for a waiver to retain certification.  There were a couple other amendments seeking to raise and lower the appropriation by larger amounts, but the Trustees' amendment was the primary alternative to the FC amount.  The votes proceeded, as usual, from higher amounts to lower amounts, and the vote on the library budget generated a tally vote, failing by a vote of 74 YES, 76 NO.  This was the closest tally vote in Town Meeting in over two years (in May 2007, a vote to amend the General Government budget failed by a single vote).

With the 2009 Annual Town Meeting now concluded, the database at has now been updated with complete tally vote results and attendance records from all eight sessions of the meeting.  Links to the results from each individual vote are shown below, along with a link to a page listing the results from all nine tally vote results on a single page.

5/4/09 - Extend Municipal Parking District (Passed - 137 YES, 47 NO)

5/6/09 - Adopt Mullin Rule (Passed - 107 YES, 51 NO)

5/11/09 - Appropriate $65K of CPA funds to preserve and display Civil War tablets (Passed - 91 YES, 84 NO)

5/11/09 - Appropriate $30K of CPA funds to install literary signs (Passed - 95 YES, 70 NO)

6/15/09 - Consider Human Services budget before Public Safety budget (Failed - 72 YES, 99 NO)

6/17/09 - Budget - Comm. Services - Gray increase by $24K (Failed - 50 YES, 98 NO)

6/22/09 - Budget - Elementary Schools - FC Amount (Passed - 116 YES, 45 NO)

6/23/09 - Budget - Capital - Buildings and Facilities (Passed - 82 YES, 56 NO)

6/24/09 - Budget - Libraries - Trustees increase by $34K (Failed - 74 YES, 76 NO)

All Spring 2009 Tally Vote Results

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