May 11, 2009 tally votes posted

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The third session of Amherst's 2009 Annual Town Meeting, on Monday, May 11, focused on CPA appropriations under Article 18, and generated two tally votes.  The individual appropriations for each of the historic preservation projects were split into separate motions by the Moderator and voted on separately.  The first tally vote was on Motion J, to appropriate $65,000 for the restoration and display of a set of marble tablets honoring Amherst residents who died in the Civil War.  The second tally vote was on Motion K, to appropriate $30,000 for the installation of a series of signs marking a "Literary Walk" highlighting notable Amherst literary figures.  Both motions passed, and the vote details are now available in the database.

Article 18 Motion J (Civil War tablets) Tally Vote Results

Article 18 Motion K (Literary Signs) Tally Vote Results

All Spring 2009 Tally Vote Results

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