Member Details

Robin A. Fordham

Precinct: 10
Address: 45 Hallock St
Current Member: No
Total Possible Meetings: 27
Actual Meetings Attended: 19
Attendance Percentage: 70.4%

Tally Vote Results

TM Session Article Date Description Vote
2010 Annual TMArticle 252010-05-17Zoning - University Drive parcel from OP to B-LYES
2010 Fall TMArticle 82010-11-10Zoning - Development Modifications bylawYES
2011 Annual TMArticle 142011-05-02Budget - Community Services - Greeney amendment to increase by $70KNO
2011 Fall TMArticle 52011-11-07Appropriate $40K for townwide housing studyYES
2011 Fall TMArticle 172011-11-16Village center rezoning in North and South AmherstYES
2012 Annual TMArticle 242012-05-09Village center rezoning at Atkins CornersYES
2012 Annual TMArticle 252012-05-14Village center rezoning in North AmherstYES

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Election History (2012 - 2017)

2012 Town Election

Precinct 10 Town Meeting Seat - 3 Years - Won (51 votes) (17 / 24)

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