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Richard M. Howland

Precinct: 10
Address: 326 N. Pleasant Street
Current Member: No
Total Possible Meetings: 46
Actual Meetings Attended: 39
Attendance Percentage: 84.8%

Tally Vote Results

TM Session Article Date Description Vote
2004 Annual TMArticle 382004-05-24Dismiss request that Select Board reverse decision to raise Town Manager's salary.NO
2004 Annual TMArticle 382004-05-24Recommend that Select Board reverse decision to raise Town Manager's salary.YES
2004 Special TM - Jun 10Article 12004-06-10Call upon the UMass Chancellor to repeal the foreign student fee.YES
2004 Fall TMArticle 162004-11-10Amendment to transfer $582,000 to the stabilization fund.NO
2004 Fall TMArticle 162004-11-10Transfer $261,000 to the stabilization fund.NO
2005 Annual TMArticle 302005-06-06Amend proposed elementary school budget by adding $170,183.NO
2005 Annual TMArticle 362005-06-20Appropriate $107,500 for Plum Brook athletic fields.YES
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 12005-06-22Rescind October 2002 action to appropriate $500,000 for the Plum Brook fields.NO
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 22005-06-22Appoint ad-hoc subcommittee to study possible uses for Hobart/Rolling Ridge land.NO
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 12005-06-22Reconsider article to rescind action to appropriate money for Plum Brook fields.NO
2005 Fall TMArticle 102005-11-03Appropriate $20K to transportation component of Master Plan.YES
2006 Annual TMArticle 212006-05-10Refer proposed zoning change back to the Planning Board for further study.YES
2006 Annual TMArticle 262006-06-05Appropriate extra $10,000 to the Library budget.NO
2006 Special TM - Nov 1Article 12006-11-01Motion to dismiss the Darfur genocide article.NO
2006 Special TM - Nov 1Article 32006-11-01Motion to dismiss the article opposing military force in Iran.NO
2006 Special TM - Nov 1Article 42006-11-01Send message seeking impeachment of Bush and Cheney.YES
2006 Fall TMArticle 132006-11-08Remove obsolete Wetlands District designation from Zoning Bylaw.YES

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