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Patrick E. Brock

Precinct: 4
Address: 48 Dana St
Current Member: No
Total Possible Meetings: 104
Actual Meetings Attended: 69
Attendance Percentage: 66.3%

Tally Vote Results

TM Session Article Date Description Vote
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 22005-06-22Appoint ad-hoc subcommittee to study possible uses for Hobart/Rolling Ridge land.NO
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 12005-06-22Reconsider article to rescind action to appropriate money for Plum Brook fields.NO
2005 Fall TMArticle 72005-11-02Transfer Wentworth Farm land to Conservation Commission.NO
2005 Fall TMArticle 102005-11-03Appropriate $20K to transportation component of Master Plan.NO
2005 Fall TMArticle 252005-11-09Motion to dismiss article proposing Agricultural District zoning change.YES
2006 Annual TMArticle 222006-05-15Rezone a South East Street parcel to prevent condo development.NO
2006 Annual TMArticle 262006-05-22Reduce the proposed spending on Public Safety by $28,000.NO
2006 Annual TMArticle 262006-05-24Appropriate $8,029,047 for Public Safety spending in FY07.YES
2006 Annual TMArticle 262006-05-30Appropriate $1,831,363 for Community Services spending in FY07 - higher amount.NO
2006 Annual TMArticle 382006-06-19Put CPA surcharge increase on ballot.NO
2006 Fall TMArticle 132006-11-08Remove obsolete Wetlands District designation from Zoning Bylaw.YES
2007 Annual TMArticle 342007-05-16Give resident aliens the right to vote.YES
2007 Annual TMArticle 172007-05-21General Government budget - appropriate Finance Committee amountYES
2007 Annual TMArticle 172007-06-11Motion to reconsider appropriation for PoolsNO
2007 Annual TMArticle 172007-06-11Reconsidered - Budget - Comm. Service - Pools - SB increase by $71KNO
2007 Annual TMArticle 172007-06-11Reconsidered - Budget - Comm. Service - Pools - Oldham increase by $59KNO
2007 Annual TMArticle 332007-06-20Night Sky - SB motion to refer to Town ManagerNO
2007 Annual TMArticle 332007-06-20Night Sky - Main MotionNO
2008 Annual TMProcedural2008-05-05Procedural - Delay consideration of school budgetsNO
2008 Annual TMArticle 122008-05-12Budget - Library - BenEzra increase by $11KNO
2008 Annual TMArticle 122008-05-21Procedural - Call question on motion to postpone consideration of school budgetsYES
2008 Annual TMArticle 242008-05-28Increase CPA surcharge to 3%NO
2008 Annual TMArticle 402008-05-28Nuisance House bylawYES
2008 Fall TMArticle 62008-11-17Creation of Affordable Housing Trust - Motion to referYES
2009 Annual TMArticle 92009-05-06Adopt Mullin RuleYES
2009 Annual TMArticle 222009-06-15Consider Human Services budget before Public Safety budgetNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 272009-06-23Budget - Capital - Buildings and FacilitiesNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 222009-06-24Budget - Libraries - Trustees increase by $34KNO
2009 Fall TMArticle 92009-11-04Medical office definitions and changes to permit requirementsYES

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