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Mary Lynn Boscardin

Precinct: 3
Address: 53 Rolling Ridge Road
Current Member: No
Total Possible Meetings: 57
Actual Meetings Attended: 20
Attendance Percentage: 35.1%

Tally Vote Results

TM Session Article Date Description Vote
2004 Annual TMArticle 232004-05-17Appropriate $1,200,000 for sidewalk and lighting improvements.YES
2004 Annual TMArticle 232004-05-17Amendment to appropriate $250,000 for sidewalk and lighting improvements.NO
2005 Annual TMArticle 192005-05-04Amend zoning bylaw to encourage supplemental apartments.YES
2005 Annual TMArticle 362005-06-20Appropriate $107,500 for Plum Brook athletic fields.YES
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 12005-06-22Rescind October 2002 action to appropriate $500,000 for the Plum Brook fields.NO
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 22005-06-22Appoint ad-hoc subcommittee to study possible uses for Hobart/Rolling Ridge land.YES
2005 Special TM - Jun 15Article 12005-06-22Reconsider article to rescind action to appropriate money for Plum Brook fields.NO
2006 Annual TMArticle 262006-05-30Appropriate $1,831,363 for Community Services spending in FY07 - higher amount.YES

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