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Carolyn Farrington

Precinct: 5
Address: 34 Spring St, #6
Current Member: No
Total Possible Meetings: 29
Actual Meetings Attended: 8
Attendance Percentage: 27.6%

Tally Vote Results

TM Session Article Date Description Vote
2009 Annual TMArticle 72009-05-04Extend Municipal Parking DistrictNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 92009-05-06Adopt Mullin RuleNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 182009-05-11Appropriate $65K of CPA funds to preserve and display Civil War tabletsNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 182009-05-11Appropriate $30K of CPA funds to install literary signsNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 222009-06-15Consider Human Services budget before Public Safety budgetNO
2009 Annual TMArticle 222009-06-17Budget - Comm. Services - Gray increase by $24KYES
2009 Annual TMArticle 222009-06-22Budget - Elementary Schools - FC AmountYES
2009 Annual TMArticle 272009-06-23Budget - Capital - Buildings and FacilitiesYES
2009 Fall TMArticle 92009-11-04Medical office definitions and changes to permit requirementsNO

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